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The Plumbing Toolbox for Your Home

The Plumbing Toolbox for Your Home

Plumbing can be expensive which is why so many people decide to make

their own repairs. Here we look at what should be included in your

plumbing toolbox. Plumbing repairs in your home can be expensive. If you also own a summer cottage or if you own rental property then the price can be even

higher. In the same way the water that ends up going down the drain when you have a leaky faucet in your bathroom or kitchen also spells more

money to pay out. The solution to this problem is to develop some

knowledge on your own and become your own plumber.

To do your own water repairs there are certain basic supplies you will

need to purchase and have on hand when a problem arises. All of these

items can be bought from hardware stores and department stores and

should not cost you very much.

What then do you need in your plumbers toolbox? One of the first things you should buy (if you do not have it already) is a set of Flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers. You can buy a package of screwdrivers of

assorted sizes and types and they will not cost you very much. Not only

is this a good investment for your plumbing needs but for other types of home repairs as well.

Wrenches are essential for fixing leaks in your house. You should

purchase an 8 pipe wrench which is also sometimes referred to as a

monkey wrench. This wrench will come in handy time and time again and it is very versatile for your purposes. It is completely adjustable and

will fit all water lines of practically any size. The only exception to

this is large drains.

For your household plumbing jobs you will also need to buy an 8

crescent wrench. Many handymen consider this kind of wrench to be one of the most versatile instruments that was ever created. The purpose of

this wrench is to both loosen and tighten nuts and bolts. It can easily

be adjusted to fit any number of sizes. It also works very well when

used as a makeshift valve wrench when a water meter needs to be turned

off in a hurry.

If you have some Teflon tape lying around your residence then you have

probably already discovered how useful it can be for so many things.

Plumbers find it very beneficial for their work as well. Sometimes

thought of as a miracle item, Teflon tape is used as a kind of

pipe-thread sealer. It is handy, convenient and cheap to buy. As well a

small roll can last a long time. This tape can be put to use to wrap

around the threads of pipes before the joints are connected. In so doing it stops the water from continuing to leak out. It can also be used

safely and effectively on gas service lines.

If you have ever heard of a plumber refer to something called a snake

then rest assured that he is not taking about the slithering reptile! If you are going to do plumbing around your home then you need to get

yourself a snake (otherwise known as a plumbers auger). These gadgets

are long in nature and resemble a snake, thus the nickname. They can be

purchased in a selection of sizes. They are used to help unclog drains

in sinks and bathtubs. One of the most common sizes for a snake is 12.

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