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The Future Of Green Plumbing Is Bright

The Future Of Green Plumbing Is Bright

Green plumbing fixtures have made a lot of progress in

recent years. Costs are coming down and adoption of the technologies is

growing. Now is a great time for homeowners to look into green plumbing

fixtures and appliances. Going green is on everyone's mind lately but green plumbing

components have, historically, been significantly more expensive than their

traditional counterparts. While it remains true still that most green plumbing

fixtures and components are more expensive to purchase, as they become more

mainstream, the costs are coming down and going green in regards to plumbing is

proving to be a wise investment. The

payback period is becoming shorter and shorter through lower costs of production

as well as the reduction in your monthly

water and electric bills. In addition to the savings on your utility bill, there are a

couple of other avenues for increasing the savings associated with putting

green plumbing fixtures into your home. One is a wide assortment of rebates

that many government programs are providing for homeowners that purchase and

install green plumbing fixtures and appliances. A second path to payback is the

increase in your home's resale value. As these fixtures become more ingrained

in our culture, the demand for them is increasing. And we all know that as

demand rises, so does the cost, right?Green fixtures and appliances come with a lot of benefits.

You can help save our water and energy resources, reduce your carbon footprint,

and save money while you are at it. So the popularity of the green movement

comes as no surprise. Couple this with the ever-growing population of the

planet and you have every reason to expect even greater advancements in these

types of technologies.That is why the Green Plumbers programs across the planet

are growing. In Australia, the Green Plumbers Association has become very

successful with an estimated water usage savings of about 50%. This program has

made its way to the United States with its adoption by the California Plumbing

Association. Expect similar initiatives to catch on everywhere.Another cool initiative by the U.S. Environmental Protection

Agency (EPA), and these days there doesn't seem to be a lot to be proud of from

them, is a programs they named "WaterSense" for rating the water

efficiency of appliances. This works like the very useful and popular Energy

Star rating initiative. Energy Star ratings are used by everyone to show just

how efficient appliances are in their use of energy. Hopefully, the new

"WaterSense" rating will catch on and make the choices of consumers

looking to conserve water a little bit easier. To learn more about the WaterSense program,

visit the EPA web site.There has never been a better time than now to look into the

many advantages and benefits of the green movement. Admittedly, the payback

time may be many years, but the costs are coming down. With so many advantages

and so many initiatives being implemented, the future of green plumbing is

brighter than ever. The next time you need to replace a plumbing fixture, see

what green alternatives are available. You just might be surprised at the

assortment of options available to homeowners that can make a difference to our

planet as well as your bank account.

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